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  • Start up or just a Do-It-Yourself kinda person who doesn't mind rolling up their sleeves to get it done. You've got a limited budget but you've got the grit to follow through and make it work, you just need someone to guide the way.

  • Best for the brand or retailer who has been in business a few years and is looking to hire a group of professionals to take their business to the next level.

What Our Tribe Says

  • "I've personally worked with Kat in the past, and she is professional, and highly competent. And she has a superb sense of humor, which I personally find rad."

    Sarah Wood


I love my iced coffee, a good workout, something to sing to and anything Marvel. I’m very passionate about the apparel industry - especially where fashion meets digital. This passion started when I was a child: I remember drawing out designs in school notebooks and coming home to beg my mother to make them for me. When my designs got too complicated for her to create, I started buying the “on-trend” stuff from the local mall only to take it home, tear it apart, and create what I wanted - which was in tune with future trends more often than not. I didn’t know it then, but I was able to spot where the market was going and could pick out trends in clothing a year or more before they hit the market. It’s this fine tuned spidey sense combined with current industry data that I use to help my clients build and grow their apparel businesses for today and tomorrow.
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