Advice on Celebrity Endorsments: How to Do Them Right



In an age where we are all connected everywhere and everyone has an opinion that puts your latest post on Facebook into a state of disarray, it is important to understand how celebrity endorsements can help or hurt your brand.

Idiocracy is literally being spread around the Interwebs like the latest E. Coli outbreak at Chipolte and fact checking is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Yes, many of today’s consumers get their news through Facebook and Twitter and believe “facts” spelled out on a meme online before reading it or hearing it on a news outlet.  As a result, it is more important than ever to be careful with WHO you identify your brand with.

sponsorshipAn association between a celebrity and your brand, or a simple like or link share on your website or social media profile with another organization is in the eyes of today’s consumer giving your brand’s “stamp of approval” on that celebrity or organization.  As such- you should proceed with caution.

Just because you received a notice that a certain celebrity was wearing one of your latest designs or a design that you sell in your shop does not mean that it is a good idea to re-share that information.  Go back to your branding sheet and get back to the root of your company; it’s ideas, goals and values.  Is that celebrity’s “image” in alignment with your company?  If so, great!  By all means- share away my friend.  If it is not- pretend you never saw it.  Your brand is better off for it.  If you think that the behavior of that celebrity could in anyway in the future embarrass your company, do not share it.  Ignore it.

Celebrity endorsements (paid or not) should also be just as cautious.  I know of a particular company that hired Kim Kardashian for an endorsement.  She did their commercials, then went on to a talk show where she was asked about the product.  She made false claims about the product that caused some serious legal issues for the brand, not to mention embarrassment with being associated with Kim Kardashian.  Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good ladies and gents.  Listen to the common sense advice your mama gave you.

If you need any help with celebrity endorsements and possible legal ramifications shoot me an email- I will share my apparel industry lawyer contact with you (he’s super awesome and knows his stuff)!

If you need some help with overall branding, feel free to email me and we will help get you on track!


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