How to Create Valuable Content That Will Increase Sales


Marketers are all over content marketing.  Content marketing has become the new buzz term in marketing: comparable to SEO in the early 2000s.

The reality is that when asked, most content marketers do not feel that their content marketing is effective (CMO Council Survey).

picjumbo.com_HNCK3991The key to creating content that is useful is to create content that is valuable to your customers.  This is where knowing WHO your customers are is extremely important.  You need to get in the mind of your customer.  Where do they go?  What hobbies do they enjoy?  What movies do they watch?  What do they read?  Can any of this be integrated into your brand to provide valuable content?

For example, if you ran a dress clothing company, with Valentine’s Day coming up, creating a Style Guide for Valentine’s Day would be a valuable piece of content that can relate to your customers.  You can create this in several ways- a blog post, a video, pictures on Instagram showcasing pieces from your store, etc.

This content can be re-done as Style Guides for a Date Night Out, a Girls Night In, etc.

Guides are a great way to create unique content specific to your customer.  Gift guides, style guides, beauty guides, tips on how to style your items, showing off the versatility of them, etc.

picjumbo.com_HNCK7437If you sold dresses that were specific for a night out, tips on how to go from day to night easily would also be a valuable content feature. Quick make-up and beauty on the go tips would be great if your customer is always on the go.

If you sold athletic or outdoors gear, think of your Top 5 favorite places to (insert hobby here, camp, hike, run, etc.)

Really you are only limited by your creativity.  The key is to create content that is VALUABLE to your CUSTOMERS.  Not to YOU.  By showing them content that they WANT to see, when you do pitch that new awesome product or service they are more likely to listen because they are already tuned in to you!

Now go create some content specific to your retail brand that your customers would want to see.

Make it a great day!  And feel free to leave comments below.


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