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Hello Designer!

Are you looking to start your own your own fashion line?  Starting your own line can be an overwhelming experience.  You’ve got a killer product idea.  You really want to start your apparel line and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get it done but you just aren’t sure where to start. 

Would you like to know...

  • How to find a factory that will work with your minimum preference?
  • How to show your designs to factories in a way they will understand?
  • How to find suppliers that understand that you are a small (but serious) business?
  • How to size your products?
  • How to find retailers to sell your products to?
  • How to price your items?

I have a program for designers just like you.

This is the program that I wish was available before I spent $45,000 on a fashion degree that gave me technical skills on how to make a garment but still left me lacking in terms of how the business side of the industry ran.  Now, with over 10 years of experience in the industry, and taking several clients through the process, I am going to teach you what I wish had been taught to me.

It takes new designers an average of 12-18 months to go from concept to market.

Our rolling enrollment dates coincide with industry market dates.  Keep pace with our program and be ready to sell to retailers in pace with industry seasons.  

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Our next start date is July 1, 2018.

topics Covered

Market Research

Discover if there is a market ready and interested in your product before you spend money on samples. 

Plus, discover retailers who might be interested in your product.


Branding is more than just a name, logo and a color scheme.  

Discover how to develop your own brand personality and use it to attract your ideal customer.

Trends + Designs

Find out which trends you need to pay attention to and which ones are just noise.  

Learn how to use this information to determine the direction of your designs to create attractive designs that sell.

Tech Paks + Sizing

Learn how I’ve gotten my clients to an average of 3 samples (industry average is 5) before production with my detailed tech paks and sizing guides. 

Learn how to create your own so you can communicate effectively with factories.


Learn how to source your fabrics, notions, and other materials to bring your design to life. 

Find sources for production and how to speak their language so you can get the best deal.

Samples + Costing

Learn what options you have to get your samples made and the pros and cons of each.

Get preliminary quotes from your factories and learn how to do true costing and price your items.

Testing Fit + Materials

Once your sample is made, then what?  In this course you’ll learn how to test the materials and the fit of your product to make sure you end up with a quality product. 

Negotiating With Your Factory

Learn how to negotiate with your factory to get the best deal and how to develop a great working relationship that will last years.

Overseeing Production

Once you are ready to go to production you can’t just leave it to the factory to get it done.  Learn the tips and tricks I do to manage my production with fewer delays.

Plus- the things you should start focusing on in order to be market ready!

Marketing Materials

How to create a lookbook that showcases your brand and is useful to potential retail buyers.

Plus, other marketing materials to get your brand ready for launch!

Growing Your Tribe

Learn how to do Online Listening so that you can grow a tribe of people interested in your brand before you go live!

Plus- how to use this to your benefit to start developing relationships with retailers early! 

Digital Marketing

How to make your online marketing work for your brand.  From websites to ads, influencer marketing and email campaigns.

I’ll teach you how determine your ROI for digital marketing and how to make it work without taking up all of your time.

---- Who This Program Is For ----

  • Fashion Designers + Retailers who want to develop their own line or anyone with an apparel based product (ex. handbags. shoes, etc) who has never produced before. 
  • Anyone who has gone through the manufacturing process and has had issues will benefit as well. 

This program will help you get your product manufactured and get you to market.

---- Who This Program Is Not For ----

  • Retailers who don’t make their own line.
  • Service based businesses
  • Anyone who is looking for an apparel production agent to handle the manufacturing process for them and keep a hands off approach to their business- no offense, but we think the more you understand the process, the better business decisions you’ll be able to make!

Your Instructor

Veterans Day Ceremony

Fashion & Retail Business Strategist

I have over 10 years of industry experience in design, production coordination, sourcing, marketing and brand management.  I combine these experiences to develop and implement strategies that increase my clients profitability and naturally find opportunities for growth.  

Some of the WINS I have gotten for my clients include:

  • Designed a better apparel product, on time and in budget so the client could charge a premium price
  • Got my clients an average of 3 samples before being production ready (industry standard is 5)
  • Found over $13,000 a day being left on the table due to incorrect pricing strategies
  • An Increase in Profit Margin from 60 to 80%
  • Establish Trust & Credibility to Monetize a Sites for Bloggers + Influencers
  • Consistent 40% Email Open Rate and 4% CTR
  • Gone from $0 to $18,500 + worth of wholesale sales in 30 days

"Kat has shown excellent knowledge of the fashion industry and sound business guidance."

Dennis Eck


How much does it cost?

Our program starts at $540/mo.  Actual costs are determined by number of styles being produced, number of production locations to manage and what other services will need to be completed. 

What is the application process? When can I expect to hear from you?

We collect applications throughout the year for our program.  Each application will be reviewed.  If we think you are a good candidate for our program we will arrange an interview with you to learn more about your business. 

If accepted you’ll be enrolled in our next start date.  The entire process can take 2-3 months from when the application is received to when you will start the program.

Do you take a percentage of my profits?

No!  Unlike traditional fashion accelerators and production management programs we do not take a percentage of your profits.  Our goal is that at the end of our time together you will have gained insights into the production process and have the confidence to build a successful apparel line without us.  

Can I have Apparel Booster manage my production process even if I've manufactured before?

Sure!  If you’ve produced before the mentor / business development portion of our program is optional.  

Several of our clients have chosen to have us continue to manage their production process simply because they do not have the time to manage all the details themselves.

Can you guarantee I will be able to get to market in the time frame mentioned?

I can’t guarantee this because we have no way of predicting the future and promising that there won’t be any delays from your fabric supplier or other elements beyond our control.  I can say that for most new brands it takes 12-18 months for them to create their first line from scratch.  You will get out of this course what you put into it.  For most people that means if you follow along and apply the concepts taught you will be ready for market.

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