FREE 6 Day Feasibility Challenge

Market research is critical before setting up business plans, obtaining licenses, gathering suppliers or getting samples made.

Learn how to do market research for your product and gain confidence in your fashion retail business idea.

topics Covered

Ask yourself the hard questions before you decide to go into business and spend time, money and resources developing samples.

Product Clarity

Get clear on your product, who you are selling to and at what price.

How to Sell

Direct to Consumer? Wholesale? or Both? Learn the pros and cons of each and how they impact your business financials

Costing & Profit Margins

Learn what your costing goals should be and how to tell if there is enough of a profit margin to keep a healthy cash flow in your business.


Learn who your competitors are and how you can spy on them to create a better product.

BONUS: Discover Retailers Who Might Be Interested In Your Product!

Learn how to discover if there are enough end consumers and retailers to support your business.

FREE 6 Day Feasibility Challenge

Take the Feasibility Challenge and move from frustration and confusion to clarity and confidence by learning the fundamentals of market research.

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