Hello Amazing Fashion Designer

You’ve got the ideas for a killer apparel brand but you aren’t sure how viable the idea is- or how to get started.  Don’t worry, I’m here to walk you through the process and help bring your creativity to life. 

Feasibility Consult

This is the starting point- where we all begin.  It allows me to get to know what makes your company unique and your goals.  

This session helps us provide a long-term feasibility plan for your project based on a realistic assessment of the industry.  Together we craft a unique strategy with next steps to launch your new brand or product.

Branding Session

This session determines the various elements of your brand like:

  • Tone of voice in marketing materials
  • Products
  • Price points
  • Personality
  • Visual cues
  • Values

This coaching session provides a brand style guide for your product development, purchasing, employee training, and marketing needs.  We provide straight-forward advice on what works, what doesn’t and how to bring your ideas together to increase your chances of attracting your ideal customer.

Apparel Design

Our Technical Designer and Brand Manager will review your line, review upcoming trends for your apparel product category and make recommendations on colors, types of fabrics to include and silhouettes when possible.  

The technical designer will put this information together to create a design for you.  All designs will be in a flat sketch format ready to add to a tech pak and prepare you for next steps.

Tech Pak

A tech pak is a critical element for your production.  Essentially it is a “blueprint” that patternmakers, sample makers and the production floor use to manufacture your garment.  A well composed tech pak will save you time and money when it comes time to bring your idea to a reality.  We take pride in our detailed tech paks that offer technical illustrations and highlight important features of your design in order to minimize the number of hiccups experienced in manufacturing.

Wholesale market research

Have the idea, the product and the branding but not sure if there is a market to sell to?  Let us take the guess work out of it by performing a Wholesale Market Test.  

We will research where you are most likely to find your ideal customer and the potential market size for your brand.


Perfect for the designer who already has their designs in mind and is ready to move towards production.  

I can help you avoid costly production mistakes and save time and money with access to our network of suppliers.  

We even negotiate pricing on your behalf. 

Materials are sourced (with samples when possible) and are presented to you with prices and production options for you to review.  

Product & Design Testing

After doing some initial market research we determine who is most likely to purchase your product.  Based on your target consumer’s demographics will reach out to these consumers and arrange for a viewing of products.  Emphasis placed on finding influencers in your industry when possible

Kat's participation and leadership has helped through some growing pains, and she has been a great asset to our business.
Dennis Nudare
Hotter Image CEO