If you’ve landed here chances are that you’ve dreamed of starting your own apparel business but aren’t sure where to start. Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

In the last ten years I have worked in the apparel industry in everything from freelance design, production and sourcing to even website building, marketing campaigns and launches.  I’ve even started my own apparel company that I use to test out my strategies and theories to make sure that the advice that I give you is tried and true.

I’ve assembled a team of technical designers, pattern makers, sample makers, partner factories and marketers to make sure that you are well taken care of on your journey into the apparel industry.

You are probably wondering where to start.  That’s the thing most clients ask me.  Well, that all depends on what type of business you are trying to start and what pieces you have already completed.

Our site is broken up into easy to use tracks based on the needs of the majority of our clients.  Please check below to find the track that is most relatable to your situation.  If you don’t see anything that looks like you, feel free to contact us.  

What type of apparel brand are you?


I am an aspiring t-shirt designer/ brand owner looking to expand my product offerings or get my brand into retail stores.


I am a retailer looking to increase my profit margins through my own private label.

RETAIL or Ecommerce

I am a retailer or ecommerce site looking to grow my business through repeat customers. 


I am trying to start a fashion ecommerce store.


I am trying to start my own fashion line.

Industry experts that care


Brand Manager, Kat is an Industry Expert in Branding, Strategy and Digital Marketing. She helps new clients see opportunities for growth and gets them started in the right direction.


Social Media Manager and VA. Silvia is Kat's go to girl. She's responsible for making sure everyone is happy and assists with social media marketing.


Friend and Industry Expert in Design and Influencer Marketing. Derek helps get your brand in front of the right people to grow your brand.

companies we've worked with


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